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Satbir Singh Bedi's comment on Richard Dawkins: Struggling to fit in Britain's multicultural society?

While I believe in the existence of God, I challenge the theory that he is justice loving and pious. He is not justice loving otherwise we would not see so much misery and poverty in the world. There is no life hereafter. God does not need old souls to create new souls out of them. He is the creator, so He can create any number of souls and persons and other creatures like animals and birds and trees and seas and everything. He is not a cruel person that He would send the souls created by him to hell nor does he send them to heaven. As Omar Khayyam has stated the Heaven and Hell are here. A man whose desires are fulfilled is in heaven and a man whose desires have not been fulfilled is in hell. Moreover, even God will not kill a person before the latter's time for death comes. God is also guided by certain rules including the survival of the fittest which means not only physically fit but rather mentally fit and strong.
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