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Dr. Ahmed Makhdoom's comment on Pakistan Muslim League minister's statement raises concern among civilians

“Barbarian Punjab Thy Days Are Numbered” By Dr. Ahmed H. Makhddom Pakistan is a terrorist 'n mindless, troublesome 'n senseless, truncated 'n heartless, godless 'n gutless, barbaric 'n brutal, savage 'n inhuman state! It is NOT a nation! It has never been one! It shall never ever be a nation! The lecherous Punjab dominates with arrogance and impunity! Punjabi Armed Forces kill, massacre, rape and occupy with haughtiness and cowardice! Punjabis dominate 'n dictate, rule 'n command, terrorize 'n, torment, torture 'n traumatize, enslave 'n enchain with barbaric arrogance ‘n impunity! Ancient ‘n civilised nations like Sindh and Balochistan CANNOT remain servile and in slavery and servitude under these barbarians of Pakistan. They have used their Armed Forces against the docile, simpleton and naive peace-loving and civilised Sindhi and Baloch Nations in the past. The Punjabi wild animals in uniform had massacred thousands of Sindhis and Balochs and continue to do so with savagery and barbarism......! And, these wild beasts of Pakistani Punjabistan will certainly use Drones in Sindh and Balochistan to maim and massacre innocents! Sindh and Balochistan MUST fight for Freedom from these barbarians if they aspire to remain a civilised, free, educated, peaceful, sacred, forward-looking and cultured Nations! نيٺ ته ڊهندي، ڪيسين رهندي ڌوڪي جي ديوار او يار؍ جهول جهلي جنهن وقت ڀٽائيءَ، ڪرندا ڪنڌ هزار او يار؍ سنڌڙيءَ تي سر ڪير نه ڏيندو، سهندو ڪير ميار او يار؍ (شيخ اياز) “Neithi ta Ddrahandee, keiseen rahandeee, dhokei jee deewaar, O yaara, Jhola jhalee janhi waqt Bhittai, kirandaa kandha hazaar, O yaar, Sindhrreeya tei siru keir na ddeendo, sahando keir mayaar, O yaar!” (Shaikh Ayaz) “Wall shall certainly fall, deception this wall, never it’ll stand at all! Oh Chum! Whence Bhittai pleads Good Lord, heads aplenty wrung by His Sword! Oh Friend! Merrily giveth life for Sindhrree ‘n stand tall, who’ll bear jeers ‘n taunts of all? Oh Comrade! (Shaikh Ayaz: Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom) Barbarian Punjab Thy Days Are Numbered! Savages of Pakistan Thy End is Nigh! Long Live Sindh! Long Live Balochistan! And, I am just a humble, simple, long-suffering Son of Jeejal Sindhurree, Ahmed Makhdoom
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