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Satbir Singh Bedi's comment on Islamic world, 12-years after the September 11 attack on US

There are only two types of Muslims; one is the Wahabi Muslims characterised by Al Qaeda, Taliban, etc. looking to form an Islamic Caliphate with the King of Saudi Arabia as Caliph and they follow the Quran, the Holy Book of the Muslims in letter but not in spirit and in fact ignore certain verses of the Holy Quran. The other are the Muslims who ponder over the Holy Book and interpret it in a modern way so as to provide education to women and conduct other reforms. Majority of the Muslims seems to be on the side of the Wahabis as deduced from the winning of Islamists in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, etc. So, let us see whether the true interpreter of the Holy Quran succeed or these Wahabis take over the whole Muslim world.
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