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Srini's comment on The fall of a fine journalist called 'Shoma Chaudhary' after the fall of Tehelka's Tejpal

I don't understand why you are saying Shoma is known for her integrity. Shoma and Tejpal both never exhibited integrity ever, if you care to open your eyes and see it. They indulged in journalism of outrage by exploiting their sophistry over English language, by seemingly unearthing corruption using stings. But why is that their stings never targetted congress!!!. Why is that they ended up "monetizing" some news story instead of publishing it. Monetising is a euphemism for blackmail racket. They force their victim (who is him/herself a criminal) to payup (as sponsors for thinkfest) in return for not publishing what ever scandal their sting unearthed. Why are you still living in cuckoo land that they had integrity in the first place. They just shouted out others, and pretended to be holier-than-thou when all they wanted was to scam people out of their money. The scam operation called Tehelka should be shut down and the sponsors of StinkFest should be investigated.
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I don't agree at all....if u see Chaudhury's interviews u wud see dat apart from her impeccable english, she also makes it a point to stand up for the right. As for the political leaning, every organisation has it, so why blame tehelka?!
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great comment ..... i fully agree ....
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