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Naim Naqvi's comment on Tragedy of being Manmohan Singh

Naim Naqvi's comment on Tragedy of being Manmohan Singh
It is a normal departure of a graceful honest PM not a Swan song as the author would love to call. Sardar Manmohan Singh's record is NOT so devoid of achievements. To belittle his positive contributions is the single great achievement of RSS and its puppet Modi. Public knows well that Big Business with a clouded mind, from inside and out side of the country is behind all the drama that has been enacted after the strident defeats in Karnatka, Himachal and other states. Masses have been duped with huge lies. Putting up Narendra Modi was actually a 'double or quits' game of radical powerful fringe of Communal politics. Perhaps, the writer is totally unaware of global economic crisis. Dr. Singh has successfully steered the country out of serious difficulties. Yes, some opportunist in Congress and allies tried to make unfair gains in the recent elections and public punished them for it. That is the end. BJP has worst records and more skeletons in its cup board and they would tumble down also in due course of time. Yedurappa has made a comeback in the trumpeted honest party and RSS hypocrisy is exposed. Yes, the arrival of AAP is a warning to Congress, BJP and rest of the political parties to change their culture. But, mind it, there is nothing green left for RSS. The youth of the country is no longer ready to buy the false fanatical, religious slogans or hyped propaganda of development. Modi is in twilight zone of central politics. Eclipse for him for his Delhi dreams is not very far also. Feel pity for the Catch 22 situation of BJP's fellow travelers.The story of Delhi is going to repeat in 2014. Like Advani, Modi would remain a PM-in-waiting no matter how false sets of Lal QiLLas he erects in his JAN SABHAS. Jain Hind !
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