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Santokh Singh Saggu's comment on The Hindus- An Alternative History: Penguin burns its fingers by hurting Hindus

Every one is fooling every one.Everyone should fool everyone is the philosophy of India.We Indians will never accept that my Curd is sour.And regarding sex we are not only clever but also go to the extent that we procreate kids by just doing bhajan and kirtan and we Indians are the most pious people on earth.If you read the Hans Magazine of the past 4 to 5 years it carries a story of rishi parashar . And there it is mentioned that rishi prashar ne uske urujo ko sahlate huye ... and the story goes on. In the name of sex both the sprtitual people and the pandits have fooled people and also today also they fool. What is the purpose of Devdasis ? Why the Pandits fooled the people to donate girls to the temple.What is inside the khujaraho.What is outside the Konark Temple. We Indians just know how to fool the world.
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