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viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barack use the 'No hurry No worry' policy on Crimea. In this case you will have to get rid of the cause of problem itself instead of the problem. Like what happened in Iran 40 years ago and then the new Regime came. Russia lost the leverage due to lack of resources and weaker economy. Today situation is different they have oil and money and a dual political set up. Instead of sanctions use the accumen of Multinationals and Banks to influence . Bide your time and see the difference. Russia is looking for an ideological confrontation leading to the Cold War again your job is to go into the reverse and bring that country into the similar economy fold in terms of dependability on banking resources. Plenty of Russians now live in other democratic countries and they are integrating slowly and surely and will never go back to isolation again. Therefore the move has to be forward integration via social avenues and not political interfering. One just can not go for the red eye as soon as someone does not agree with your concepts. Regards and God bless. Viren Naik
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