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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barak don't budge on India...the elections have not finished yet.. . only make one token move after the results are announced. .watch their language carefully. . the world will be 40 seconds from midnight on 16th may 2014...It is not in your hands anymore.. The Mother nature is going to bring another Sandy...just keep a lookout on the venue. That is all what I will say for is nothing to do with Modi he is just a human being a good one with doubts is the philosophy of hatemongers that is coming to power by using him and then the two ideologies of hate will clash. .the outcome will be nothing more that a major holocaust.. Nothing to do with economic development. .those who hold the strings of economic development will continue to keep the hold on an political scenario but the clash of fanatics will burn everything away.. Regards and God bless.. Viren Naik
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