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Virendra's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Ok Naren the time of celebration is over and the serious policy work of running the nation begins. The first and foremost a decree must be issued by you that any MP that tries to disrupt a session of the parliament by using tactics that do not constituent within the statutes of running of a parliament of India will be given marching orders and would not be allowed to enter the Loosabha for three months. The rules of the Parliament must be respected and the rules have to be enshrined from within the constitution of India. The Judiciary must be independent from Government Control But accountable to the independent monitoring agency like a lokpal or an ombudsman. The Police force will have to be under Amit Shah but monitored by Lokpal as well. The People of India has given you the mandate like a mother trusts her eldest son there is nothing greater an honour than that but you now will have to prove worthy of this. Your first visit overseas should be to the Mother of Parliaments UK. Do not go forward to try to please any leader from overseas. First defence and economic infrastructure especially that helps the farmers. Do not be afraid of internal dissatisfaction and tackle the problem head on . There are lots of ego bags in your party and remember this the mother wants you to stay away from all the religious saints . The time has come to stay away from communality and be neutral in all matters with our neighbours which has Kautilya questions. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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