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Virendra's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Naren Pakistan has pre-emptors and that donkey Subramanyam Swami has taken the bait.He is indeed an American Spy just shut these loose cannons straight away. Think of it from the point of Kautilya...The Indian weakness has always been to reply knee jerk on the words spoken by Paki reps after there has been a killing of Indian Soldiers. Come on let us grow up now just let the Indian Army do the talking and gad the media if possible. Ignore Ignore Ignore and do not give importance. Nautilus always relied back tit for tat via his invisible Army like they have LET and let them get the taste of their medicine. You are going to talk to them after you have been settled for one year like Atal did. Just train our LTT but not religious at all but work as SAS. The Invisible action and just deny their action was Govt sponsored. What precondition! Article 370 will be revoked come what may but not not and it will be the people of both countries that would decide and not the governments. The situation will only change if the Grass roots in Pakistan create a revolution for their own prosperity. We only need to push the NGO and Judiciery and people to people contact. Who knows they would want a Gujarat in Pakistan too. We need only two things now Strong defence and strong inclusive economic growth and Pakistanis will follow us without fail. Let us promote sports, the culture will bring us together not sparring with war words. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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