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savirangi's comment on Rajasthan Royal vs Mumbai Indians on 25 May: A fixed match in IPL?

You have hit the nail right on its head Col..!! After watching tonight's fixture, it was blatantly obvious it was a FIXture.. Why was there no interview of the losing captain? Why it was not known to anyone before the match that, if MI didn't cross 189 by 14.3 overs, they would be given 1 more ball to play & cross the milestone? And..... Faulkner could have easily bowled a wide or a NB to finish the game ....but bowling a full toss is taking the gentlemanly conduct too far..!! More & more, it seems IPL is making monkeys out of Indian Cricket fans with BCCI having the last laugh as its coffers are jingling with all the circus going on :(-
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No it wasnt fixed....and who said bowling a wide or no-ball would have solved....donot you have common sense dat wide and no ball is not a legal delivery ....If bowled then also the overs would have remained 14.3 not 14.4 and MI would have scored 190
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Yes it 200% fixed.RR could have gone to the finals it they would have bowled the last ball wide so that there was not chance of hitting it to the boundry. but they didnot. Punish the culprits
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Dumb ass. If it was a wide, then the required runs wud have been made in 14.3 overs only na. Duh.. Use some mind
I don't get this....if it was supposed to be fixed, why would they have to score 189??? They could have gone down for 150 odd nd made it look more real. RR lost 3 in a row....CSK also lost 3 in a row...What abt KKR??? Their victory last night shudder have also been fixed!!! About the possibility of that extra's basic mathematics!!! They had to score 190 in 14.3..193 in 14.4 common people!!! It was just a once in a lifetime chase...similar to d one kohli pulled off against Sri in Australia!!!
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match was not fixed.... you can judge it from expression of players after the game was finished... one more thing mukesh ambani buy MI to make him money not to spend money by fixing matches to win. if we consider match was fixed then which players were fixed, all 22 players or 11 players from RR, doesn't make any sense. it was once in a lifetime match. you should have enjoyed it. if you think every ipl match is fixed one advice " dont follow ipl"
match was not fixed.... you can judge it from expression of players after the game was finished...
i agree its heart breaking for a hard core cricket fan like me..i myself play cricket and can easily say..this is not cricket..the way international players are playing..the way catches being dropped..the way batsmen get out and later we see its a no ball..ahhhh..i feel sorry..sorry for all loyal fans..sorry for myself who loved and followed this game so passionately.
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Its true the was fixed from where did the last ball came when in 14.3 overs they (mumbai) where 1 runs shot ...fixing countinues to dishearten the fans....
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