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SS's comment on Rajasthan Royal vs Mumbai Indians on 25 May: A fixed match in IPL?

Sir, with due regards to your conspiracy theory and sensationalism. Needing just a win from three games, obviously obviously, the team can afford to make some changes and try different combinations. That is what RR did!! Maybe they were a bit complacent, but with the NRR that they had they thought it would be impossible for them to go out. They dropped Steve Smith and brought in Brad Hodge, and they retained Hodge for the last match against MI!! Did they do it because they wanted to lose?? They thought that he was a better player than Smith, period. In the penultimate match they sent Stuart binny ahead of Faulker and Hodge, because he had done it for RR previously. He does slog well, and they knew they'd have Faulkner to finish it off. In the final match against MI, didnt u see the way RR celebrated when Rayudu got out. Was all that celebration a sham? A fake? Did u see, how after the loss, Dravid, threw away his cap in anger and then picked it up as he felt guilty of throwing it. Was it a staged act by Dravid? Rajasthan really badly wanted to win this game. But they were under immense immense pressure. U could see it in Watson's face. Even the way watson was batting, not his free flowing type, but because of the pressure as captain, he really wanted to not give his wicket away, and score some runs. Likewise, when watson was bowling, immense pressure. Faulker has anyway always leaked runs. He always does. Bowling the last three balls, he had to prevent boundaries, so he couldnt try the outside off stump overpitched/yorker length ball. His only choice was to go for a yorker and under pressure he erred. Stop sensationalising things. Unless of course if u have proof. Otherwise u should refrain from accusing cricketers needlessly just to get a higher viewership.
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Errr.. Atleast i know my grammar..
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Ur Story was very nice. Keep it UP....!!! DO u know what is the CRICKET?..
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