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Chirag 's comment on Rajasthan Royal vs Mumbai Indians on 25 May: A fixed match in IPL?

This is not only the one match that is fixed in IPL7 but there were plenty of other matches also which were fixed silently and every person cheering for his/her team has one thing clear that IPL is now completely webbed into all sorts of fixings.Now talking about RR vs MI match held on 25'May'14 below are some of the facts which are enough to prove that match was completely fixed. RR chooses third class grade team in the last three matches when all other teams were trying to make their places final in semis by choosing best possible team RR is trying to loose as much as they can by making strange players changes,stupid batting line ups,misfield & giving runs deliberately in depth overs by doing extremely poor bowling which they were not doing in all their early matches.As we all know that three of the RR players were already found guilty for match fixing in IPL6 and were debarred from all next IPL's so really match fixing is not a hidden issue now a days and many players & teams were getting indulged into it for earning money at the cost of their careers and sportsmanship.Match fixing issue was going on like this since from the past many years now it's roots becomes so established that it was now nearly impossible to get it stopped right here and its a shame for teams and players for getting indulge into it again & again. RR is already a famous team for bringing & nurturing talented players & played a very clean & healthy cricket in all early five IPL seasons from IPL1 to IPL5 but since after season five they were consistently found guilty in match fixings whether it's season 6 or 7,I don't why they need to do such things which is degrading their popularity among their own supporting crowds. I on behalf of all Indian cricket fans urge that all teams should stop doing such stupid things rather they should concentrate on playing a healthy & exciting cricket i.e. a fixing free cricket. One of my friend written here that Rahul dravid throws his cap after RR lost the match & Watson showing frustrations through facial expressions so my friend it was required for any team who was indulged into some sort of fixing to do such things deliberately otherwise they all were caught easily.I am from Jaipur & a big fan of RR but when such things happens then not only cricket a so called gentlemen game but emotions of all the peoples supporting his/her team got badly affected. Be Wise,Play Healthy & Stop Fixing.
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