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Virendra's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Batak for a long time I have been warning the world about AQ lurking around Israel. The Pentagon guys live in a world of their own creation thinking that they can control the world by fanning division and ultimately create a crisis which needs the participation of the rest of the Capitalist world if you include the Saudis into that club. All we need is just one little Nuke dropping anywhere now and not just Israel and India and suddenly the chain of events would bring the humanity at the brink of elimination. You have just seen Crimea and the dent in US Russia trust factor. You have seen China Japan spate. You have seen Nigeria erupt.You have seen Syria destruction and now Iraq where it all started.The AQ has once again shown it's ugly head but this time you have all the oil producers in the Mid East within the striking distance. You have Afghanistan and Pakistan internal turmoils. Well this is the reason Iran came on the horizon and this is also the reason why Modi came along. One of the reasons why China is wooing India is because it is definitely the last hurdle before the anticipated collapse of the caring face of the Capitalism . I am not writing this to lecture you but to warn you that the time of manipulation is over and for once the US will have to cut out the very existence of support channels network of Islamic NGO facade in I cent looking lobby's and media channels that corrupt the gullible minds of the Youth of that religion. It was 40 seconds to midnight. and now it has just become 39 seconds to midnight. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
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