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Naim Naqvi's comment on Why NGOs in India are worried if everything is right at their end?

Where are the proofs against NGO'S ? If they exist why no action so far?
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Mr.Naqvi, the author has raised certain valid and serious questions in the article. Probably you do not have guts to answer those questions. When author has clearly written that NGOs are not providing their receipts and payments details to the concerned authorities, what other proof do you require, when the Government has already initiated action for not submitting the required details by these NGOs.Though you have advised the author to "shut up", I think those who do not have answers to the questions raised by the author should shut up.
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So, don't just blame for the sake entertainment or obfuscation if you are proceeding empty pocket. Substantiate and show. They say - put up or shut up. Sorry, it is just a slang and didn't mean for any direct and indirect consumption.
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NGO friendly secular Governments could not take any action in the last about 60 years and you are now expecting the action by the new Government within few days of assuming the power !!! Great going indeed !!!
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