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Naim Naqvi's comment on Why NGOs in India are worried if everything is right at their end?

NGO was never a big issue issue in past except where it was rubbing the Right's shoulders. We were hearing about the black money all along. Why the focus shifted B to N? The BJP govt. is decling to furnish names of account holders in Swiss banks. This is surprising, since only a few months ago, several BJP leaders had asked for these names to be made public.BJP has no coalition problems, they have absolute majority, the names are available...its a simple matter of making these names public. The question then BJP protecting someone? How far we have come Sir? ‪
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I agree with you that NGO was never a big issue in the past as NGO friendly "secular" Governments were ruling the country most of the time. I fail to understand how black money issue is relevant to this article ?
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No Sir, Black Money is just one of a symptom of Inertia. It is the curious change of various Goal Boasts by BJP and its supporters who are now finding their tribune in wrong box. Reality on face exposing the farce. In NaMo shashan either they are repeating what UPA - II was doing or doing nothing different - just busy on the look out of excuses.
Mr.Gupta, probably Mr.Naqvi has very high hopes from the BJP Government and are hoping that names involved in the Black Money matter shall be made public within few days after the Government formation, a task which Congress Government could not complete in 60 long years.
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