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Santokh Singh Saggu's comment on Why NGOs in India are worried if everything is right at their end?

NGO's are run by cowards because they don't have the guts to venture into commercial enterprises. Its easy to raise funds by emotionally blackmailing the public in the name of various charitable activities. These NGO's are more or less like Robin Hood's who oppress some to do charity for the others.Poverty,Women Empowerment,Cancer,Aids These have products in the hands of NGO's.Charity has become a tool and a product to earn name fame and celebrity status.Look At celebrities how they advertise and do publicity of their charitable work as if only they are doing charity and all those people who do contribute to the society without any publicity are like idiots for them. The movie actors think that they are superior to the rest of the public.
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I strongly agree with your views.Thanks for your visit and comments.
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