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Virendra's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

What are the intellegence agencies doing? Charlie Wilson is already active in Bahrain. You may soon see a marked behaviour amongst the minority there. I have a feeling the first sign of unrest is about coming on to the surface. They will allow the Sheiks to show their brutality and will be played in front of the global audience and with prove to be the proverbial catalyst. Vice President Biden proposed three nation New Iraq little does he know that Shia part will not be able to withstanding merging with Iran and hence the fall of Basra and all the oil fields in that region. Quatrains and Kiwait will be next and all your financiers of ISIS will lose out and annexed by proxy fights and the Ayatoullah of Iran would not even have to lift a finger. So let the big nations keep discussing what to do in the meantime let The fundos keep planning on a massive attack on a western city. You do not even know who the real enemy is what a pity. Get the e-ctn started linked with PAD servers monitored by highly trained forensic auditors you will come a cross the powers behind the thrones of these so called ISIS. The clock is ticking. Regards and God bless. Viren NAIK
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