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Virendra's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barack the word 'Dimona' brings shivers when you hear that three rockets went that way. That was the early warning from Mother Nature...there will not be another one and will be for real . The time to make change has arrived...for the last 60 years the Mid East has been ruled with an Iron fist almost all very brutal ...there is no point in playing the blame game.. I did say Barack it is all in your hands now..go and show the world that you are a true follower of Mahatma Gandhi and use force if needed to bring Israel and Palestine heads On the UN peace table and do not let them off the hook until they sign on that peace accord. If they do not agree now there will be no Israel left on the world map in the next two years. Stop these neocon divide and rule games. The midnight is now approaching and Dimona is the first indicator of what is to come next . Many of my close friends and family are in Tel Aviv and Bibi in his blindness is now he'll bent to go on the road of total destruction in the Mid East. Regards and God Bless Viren NAIK
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