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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Houston we have a problem. Rick Perry and co are on the loose. So it is true that Bibi has managed to dig tunnels under the Capitol Hill and listened to Kerry and Co. Well they do the same thing with the other members of P5 anyway it is their job to do it and the real purpose as always has been the political blackmail. Ask Bill Clinton he will tell you all about it..What is worrying is how they are using the Gaza Tunnels as the Prime reason to create an atmosphere of danger from the Gullible Palestinians which incidentally include Women and Children yes they should all be punished according to not second guessing at all Rick Perry. Let Bibi laugh the loudest for now and wait for a few more days and see how the tables get turned over ceasefire or no ceasefire. My greatest worry is the Greed of Bibi that will change the Image of Israel completely for the rest of the World. Just think about it the Iranians are only waiting in the Corner and they don't even need an Iron Dome for themselves as Bibi has thrown away all the excuses to attack Iran. They both are now a danger as far as the World is concerned .The image of Israel as a cruel aggressor full of right wing Rabbis surpasses the image of Iran as the land of the mad Ayatollahs. Do you think at this juncture Iran would want to have a peace accord with Israel? I am afraid Israel has blown it they can never be classed as a first world country where democracy takes back seat against religious right wing. So shall be written so shall be done but as far as Bibi is concerned the Ten Commandments can go down the drain. Leave them alone I did say the situation will sort out itself. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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