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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

David they have already killed over three hundred thousand women and children in Iraq and Syria. I can see how exited you are wanting to join the club of executioners to create another Gaza Or even worse. You are using a special previlege to recall parliament to give you the license to play the Droning game like what the Americans are doing all over the world. Do you understand what this means ? Do you understand how many innocent women and chilren will be killed because of what the British Parliament is going to do on Friday. UK has lost only one hostage so far and that too who volunteered to work amongst these people. You are using a false propaganda to convince parliament that Britain will be attacked soon. One child killed because of this childish murdering ambition still classifies you as equal if not more as the brutal sect of ISIL . The whole world knows that ISIL was created by Saudi Arabian dictate and it is this Wahabi orientation that the world needs to change. UK is one of the few countries who can still change the course of Wahabi violence through twin tracking and diplomacy. You are now throwing away the only discourse left for the World to escape from a looming Armageddon scenario which can lead to a Third World War. There are already countries who have not taken kindly to Obama speech at the UN. As I have warned you before wait six weeks before makng any decisions. The rest is up to you . Do not bring this War to the home soil and this will happen if even one in ocent child gets killed by your so called crusader bombing raids. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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