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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

It was expected anyway as IS knows only one way and that is to behead westerners. Was it really expected of David to join the Musketeers Brigade.? I do not want to harp on this anymore but the damage that has been done to the oldest democracy has been immense.I do not think at this stage the Humanity will be able to recover from this backward step. With Hindutva on the rise and The fundos having hijacke Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagwat Gita.India is due for a rebuke from Mother Nature.This clean India is just Hot air and nothing else.The 9 people he has chosen are not worth the effort. There is a reason why i am saying this. Barack we are going downhill very fast unless a miracle happens in your country and someone starts on the ground of Twin tracking not with IS but its controllers the Sheikhdoms of the Middle East talking them of Inclusivity. There is a golden saying on Human Inventions..whatever is invented has to be used to fulfill the destiny and Nukes is a big question on the horizon. One thing though this guy Panetta is a big liar because it was he who cut the negotiations with Iraqui Government who insisted that there should be no American Soldiers on their soil once the withdrawal was complete. These guys are vultures of History and only the likes of Fox Tv can make good use of them. Neocons what else. Something is going to happen in the next few days let us see how we can cope with this one. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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