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Viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Until Modi got elected the problem for India was non governance in internal matters like bribery and corruption.We will not go further into this due to an unfolding scenario soon to be seen on the horizon. We need to look at certain external matters all relating to a degree to the existence of India. Neither China nor Pakistan can invade India in terms of broader Arms conflict as any major escalation will bring in Inter continental Nukes. It is the right of any defending country to use Nukes first if it is so deemed that its entire existence is threatened. If there ever was a Nuke war between India and Pakistan China combine there is no doubt that the whole Earth will be destroyed. Weather there is any agreement or not United States will invade China and Russia will go for Pakistan to limit as much damage as possible. It is for the whole world to realise that Pakistan is riding on the Chinese backs to make India look like an aggressor. This is a very dangerous situation and the status quo will lead to an ultimately uncontrollable situation which will destroy the Earth one day if you include the Religious aggression as well. There are three scenarios playing up at present on the Earth all human made : The Ebola, The Middle East and the China/Indian Sub continent equation. Any of these can lead to the end of Humanity on the Earth. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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