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Virendra's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Naren that woman has to go. It is an insult to the people if India. You can not defend her and keep her in the Cabinet otherwise the mask they you are wearing about inclusivity with be detached and your real face will be exposed. You have played with all the gimmicks of Clean Ganga and Seaccha Bharat and Adarsh village and so on .the time has now come to grit the teeth be a real statesman. The economy and the defence along with a very aggressive foreign policy are the main areas along with regulating the banking sector by merging outward flow of funds with that of single window customs clearane. Infrastructure of care and infrastructure of Agricultural produce distribution cutting out the middlemen. See your plate is already becoming full therefore enough of these stupid ministers and stupid celebration of people's lives who lived in a different era. That does not suit a prime minister of a country like as diverse as India. After 26 Jan the brighter era of India and its involvement in the world affairs in General will begin. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
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