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viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Bhagvat Gita well I hope this is just an election ploy of BJP to get the opposition diverted from the real issue of Sadhvi Niranjan. .Gita can never be a national book because it is not a book in the first place and the civilisation that existed 5000 years ago has nothing to do with today's nationalistic scenario. Gita is mainly about the Kosha evolution in an ordinary human being and the behaviour of the brain in terms of reaction to an action be it a thought, spoken word or physical action. There are 1.2billion Indians living in that land based national entity all have different individual lives. When one reads through Gita there will be 1.2 billion different views because it is such a diverse combination of condensed knowledge that there has never been a single human ever born who can understand what is written here. What Sushma is indicating is even worse than Sadhvi if she wants to impose Gita on different exclusivity based religious communities . History is full of great kings like Ashoka who wanted to use swords instead of words but the message is the same and they faltered in the end. I hope this is only an election ploy. Regards and God bless. Viren Naik
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