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Naim Naqvi's comment on Congress should apologise for playing dirty politics on national security related issues!

We must congratulate our alert guards for the smart job they have done to nip in the bud the intended attack by enemies of our country. We must also believe that our guards are capable to meet any eventuality. However, as the Congress party’s spokesperson had raised some genuine issues, we must also check their point of view. It would be in the interest of nation to explain provided these are not compromising the national security - Was the vessel more powerful than typically seen on fishing boats? Or is the case that in the dark of the night, a small boat running for its life can keep strong coast guard vessels at bay for more than an hour? Discretion is the better part of valor especially when we use the pen also.
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Well said. There might be questions despite Cast guard's PC & knowledge of NTRO's input. Point is whether Congress exhibited maturity in getting some petty politics? Wait & take in to confidence the government of the day to clear your doubts. Even at an appropriate time you can ask these questions at appropriate forums!
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