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Suresh Bhave's comment on One more disturbance in Narendra Modi's development chorus as BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj coughs in between

I cannot understand Mr. Naqvi's ire over the uttering of the mad fringe. If they are carrying a knife with butter on it, why fear them? Does he think that because someone asks them, the Hindus are going to have four children. Also, this a democratic and secular country and every one has the right to speak his mind and promote his faith, so what have you against someone suggests that Hindus should have four children. Some years ago I read a study that found investigated why the Muslims have so many children and came up, in a 'Eureka' moment, with answer that they love to have large families. Why should the Hindus, too, not love to have large families. I think the so called minorities cannot stand the wind of change. They cannot tolerate the even the shadow of a suspicion that their flock might dwindle on account of 'ghar wapasi'. It is a sad comment on the intellectuals of the minority communities that they believe the Hindus should silently suffer as the minorities spread their faith, but not attempt to spread the Hindu faith.
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Dear Suresh Saheb, I'd sent this article with a caption - Why to stop at 4 Sakshi Maharaj? The change in header is the choice of Editor.
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