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Sankara Narayanan's comment on Suspicious Pakistani boat and Congress' question mark: Experts urge parties to not politcise terror and national security issues

Pl keep Cong out of the discussion. It is utterly childish to accept all the information thrown at us by the Defence Ministry, MEA, Home Ministry etc as gospel truth. In the name of patriotism, a citizen cannot be prevented from asking clarifications or pointing out the gaping holes in the govt's claims. When will we come out of this bachpana, knee jerk hysteria and jingoism! Even if the whole nation stands by the state, a citizen has the right to take a different opinion in a democracy. Questioning the role played by the army or security forces can in no stretch of imagination be called anti-national. American scholar Howard Zinn rightly tells that it is not indiscipline or counter view that damages the country but the blind obedience. Right to dissent is corner stone of democracy. It does not restrict a free citizen to question the Defence Ministry.
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