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Anil Dhawan's comment on One more disturbance in Narendra Modi's development chorus as BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj coughs in between

Generating heat and hatred between Hindu & Muslim relations seems to be the purpose of this article. The author needs to pay cognizance to the mutterings of Asaduddin Owaisi. Elections in Delhi, UP & Bihar are on the anvil and this is perfect time for the leaders of different political parties to flare up the religious emotions of masses thereby be-fooling them and offer themselves as saviors to get ruling majority. The PTR (Past Track Record) of non-governance or non-development gets over-shadowed through such tricks and innocent public keep on getting be-fooled through time immortal. Perpetrators of all such remarks are having criminal mentality and are not protectors or saviors as proclaimed by them. It is the masses who need to throw stones on such people if they resort to such remarks. Having a large family or keeping four wives is individual decision based on economic conditions. If somebody is resorting to such practice on the preaching of some godman or maulana, then God only can save him or his wives or children.
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