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viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

IBarack I can not help but start swearing now.Please Please Please get the Trade facilitations going in Africa at once. This is the key to the new era that will soon dawn on the Earth.You need to track these shipments both imports and exports coming out of Africa and the resy of the world including Middle east will follow thwe line. There are fault lines everywhere and you guys are still sulking about Islam in your threee musketeer dreamworld. The world has changed in the last six months and for gods sake ask tyour pentagon,CIA,Saudi Arabia and Pakistani ISI to play silly games. They do not rule the world anymor.Two days ago it was Paris and insteaed of Inrospection the Impirialista are gatheruing on a solidarity march in Paris.Don'y cry after all your nations are atttacted one after the other .The game between the Intellegence agencies and terror outfirs of the world who are on the verge of uniting is now in the open and coming to all the big cities of the world therefore stop Islamisation of every incident and it is not AQ anymore it is just the terror organisations in all the countries who feel oppressed and had problems with the law in their own countries.There will be many more considering all the publicity this incidents have created. Familiarity breeds contemp therefore the time has arrived to introspect no more and no less .Let us all hold our bredth for a minute and start walking on the path of tolerance and non violence and inclusivity. That is where we will have to begin with the WTO and Trade facilitations based on breaking corruption and figting the control of MNCs via strict banking controls and above all inclusivity in all matters. This Merinews portal does not put all my comments the moderator swallows them I hope someone is forwarding to AD and you. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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