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viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barack,looks like ASHI Ghana has come and gone down the Single Window that are pretending to create. This proves that the Mafias are ruling the world in the name of Democracy and the US is the prime example in the form of GOP. However one word of Caution why should IMF give $1 billion to Ghana when there is no guarantee where the funds will come from to pay for the interest or the instalments. You are encouraging these Governments to camaflouge the cross border Gun Trades and destroyng the stability in the whole of West Africa. Any delay brings danger more closer to the existence of Israel yet it is their Charlie Wilsons along with othe Nationalities who are supplying these Arms. This can only be stopped by a complete fool proof ASHI system and we are just joking around filling the pockets of a few crooks and destroying the future of millions of children facing danger because of these corruption ridden existing scenario. Mother Nature will not take this lightly and will punish US more and more via natural disasters. Be prepared to face another one soon. Regards and God bless Viren naik
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