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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barack tomorrow is Friday and the Mosques all over the World will be talking about Yemen. I have already warned you several times that situation in the Middle East is going to get worse and worse after January. It is going to be difficult to safeguard Israel's existance and that is as serious near as end of 2016. I have pleaded with you on number of occasions to stop siding with the Wahabi indoctrinations.The whole world now knows what games are being played and it won't be long before Nigeria and other African countries get swallowed up in this conflict that is seriously emerging. War is not the answer and the onlt answer is Trade facilitations and inclusivity by keeping a firm control on Money Laundering and International Cargo traking via Sinfle window clearance system auditing all the outward payments uniform to all the countries of the world. In other words there is Hope on one side and there is looming danger on the other side leading to the oblivion of Humanity on the Earth.all epitomised by the Greed,Lust and Anger the triple gates of Hell. I hope you understand thatthere is only one second left to the Nuclear midnight watch starting with Pakistan and North Koreaa of the present day and age. It won't be long before the AQs of this world get their hands on the Nukes and only one is enough to create a scenario of hell. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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