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viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barak, as far as I can see a deal has already been reached. It is the Iran Israel equation that is hindering everything.The day of haggling have finished for both Iran and the EU in terms of economic survival. If Iran decides to go for Trade Facilitation including the nuke facilitation they will still not be allowed to carry on by the GOP and the Rabbai brigades.However the Nature has something else in store and that you will find out in the next 2 weeks.Is it not strange that the sucide bombers only destroy the lives of Shia Muslims who also hated by the US and Israeli right wings.Something is not adding up correct though and therefore two more twists are coming in this Saga.There will be more Tunisias and Greeces in the coming year. Regards and God bless Viuren Naik
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