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viren naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Arise Sir Jeremy you will be a great complement to Hillary when she becomes the US President for the next 8 years after Barack. Africa it is from where the new civilisation of Inclusivity needs to begin via World Trade facilitations. Millions of Children in Africa are without the right to Food, Medicine and Education. Shashi Tharoor is a very compassionate literary giant but a very ignorant man as he has forgotten that the true Indian export to UK has been the Panchayat Raj a true form of village democracy in olden days which has completely lost its true identity in the present form. The British saw how it worked in India with a minimum use of force and absorbed it and you can see the evolution and development of Infrastructure of Care in UK. The British did not take it by force they learnt it and it is Indians who locked themselves into poverty by absorbing Central Government Imperialism.. The world should look at Micro and not Macro in other words Local Government a DEMOCRATIC concept of old INDIA so brilliantly accepted and developed by the British. Nowhere in the World will you find the natural bearings to sacrifice and benevolence which has now embedded into the national soul despite the Capitalism that runs the big Government in present day UK. The beauty here is that the true although symbolic head of the Government the Queen just by her presence reminds us that we are a family which is now missing from the Brahminic Apartheid totally incumbent in India. It is true that the Godmen of India through Cabalism be it of any religion rule the roost through systematic control of Governance of the Grass-roots. It is the spirit and not the material loss that India should ask from UK. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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