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viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

I have mentioned this before and I will mention again that any further delay in implementing this proccedure of Cargo tracking note will bring us near to a very big calamity do not tell me i did not warn you. The corruption is not allwing this system to be implemnted in time...Electronic Cargo Tracking Note has a great potential and the first Country to discuss this in their National Budget is Tanzania. They have linked this provision with the Tanzania Revenue Authority who will have real time data and access to what information is input on the issuing of Cargo Tracking Notes. The information that will be provided by agents all over the world will be the Invoice Number, Value of Goods, Bill of Lading number, Number of packages in the shipment (a packing list), Insurance certificate details etc., The aim is for the customs to charge the right amount of duty and compare the prices in case a Fraud is committed by inflating prices hence a control on foreign exchange outflow and certain terror related issues. No consignment will be processed by Customs without a cargo tracking note and even the banks will not be allowed to release the funds without the CTN. The shipping lines operating to Tanzania Ports will have to issue a mandatory detailed information of what goods are carried for Import and an advance manifest of each voyage will be with the customs before the Ship arrives at the port thus easing the congestion issues. All the countries are going to benefit from this scheme and there will be little room for corruption and bribery as all the information will be available to the authorities which can be assessed by various audit departments. Obviously it helps with producing all kinds of Trade related statistics and supply and demand projections. It also helps with the security of the Country so that the resources are deployed to keep a check on pirate ports and smuggling of goods etc. The pirate ports will be watched like hawks and any fake goods especially food products and medicine will be nabbed straight away because the monitoring will be done by not one but six differentGovernment Audit departments.The so called stake holders are creating holders because they are the ones who are going to lose out completely and all the right revenues will go into thr Government treasurt creating a vast potential for genuine development . This has to be done on an urgent footing Barack otherwise these blind religions would take the humans to a degree of suffering and devastation to unthimkable levele. The education ,health and the economic methodology has to be changed and made totally inclusive. Mahatma Gandhi once said 'God never created a religion and God does not need a religion to instill a feeling of benevolence,non violence and tolerance . The religions are Man made and has no other perpose than controlling ordinary human minds emotions.Humans have only four emotions and religions are created to exploit them. The day the religions are kicked out of the governance the nationalism becomes obliterated and the free world of empathy comes into existence. No human is powerfull enough to resist the power Ahimsa . I can tell you with authority that the world is moving towards the dawn of the Age of Aquarius an era of a time where there will be no religions,no nationalism,no armies and no hypocritic social laws based on policing of human behavious.It will be a completely open society where the emotional needs of Humans and other creatures will be different. May be not in my or your life time but the advent of the Internet has alreadfy thrown the whole arena wide open. I can tell you my favourite World cup team is Columbia. Regards and God Bless Viren Naik
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