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Jasmine's comment on Interview with Viki Vaurora, who claims to have cured a cancer patient using Cannabis

PERMANENT TREATMENT OF CANCER WITH CANNABIS OIL MEDICATION My husband was diagnosed of stomach cancer and the doctor to us that he has 6 months to live. The family was in pain and desperate for help until i saw another alternative use of cannabis oil for treatment of cancer on the internet and how many people have used the cannabis oil to cure various kinds of cancer. I was a little relief and hopeful. I purchased the cannabis oil from National Cancer Institute by writing to nationalcancerinstitute[@]aol[dot]com and my husband began treatment immediately with the cannabis oil, after using the cannabis oil for treatment for the stipulated time prescribed by the institute, the stomach cancer has finally gone and he was well and strong again. For cancer patients out there is a cure to cancer and most doctors are aware of it but they will not prescribe the cannabis oil for patients. Try and source the cannabis oil to save the life of your love ones who are suffering from cancer.
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Hi can you tell me something about buying cannabis oil to cure cancer,my mother is suffering from cancer stage 4 plz provide some details from where you bought the oil.
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