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anam's comment on An open letter to Prime Minister: There's need to 'wake up' to disastrous effect of 'gender biased laws'

The man suicide on harassment by in-law is given no importance by our biased media. Today i read a man along with his children committed suicide in Ludhiana after harassment from wife and in-laws. But no mainstream media is bothered to cover it & whosoever has covered it gave the caption "Janamdin par bana "Darinda", Bete ka Qatal Kar Khudkushi". Such is the biased view towards the male population that wherever the society at large will see a weak male they will try to take out all their frustration on him. Society must remember that not all the male are devils and neither all the females are holier than cow. Treat all the human being like human being irrespective of gender. Seeing all this it do give credence to the conspiracy theory spelled out in this article.
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