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Viren Naik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

Barack, now it is all coming out in the open the secrets that we knew all along for the last 7 years. The tactical Nukes developed by Pakistan is not only for India but also for groups like ISIS to attack Israel and Iran and Europe. The MH plane that went missing also the Karachi airport attack a lot of unexplained things are now becoming pieces of Jigsaw to be enjoined together. Just imagine if the 9/11 crew had an access to these weapons what would have been scenario well what goes to say it won't happen again. An Army which blindly propagates usage of Nukes even in a law intensity war can be easily provoked to attack which now ranks as the most dangerous scenario facing the Humanity. The only answer is that the world denounces nationalism and walks on the path of integration into one borderless mother Earth. Tell me when we were born did our bodies come with a rubber stamp of which nation we belong to? All other arguments are useless until we disallow religions and nationalism to interfere in our natural growth It is a real shame to live in this world today. A United Nations hijacked by a gang of few who can not see that there is no freedom even for them entrapped by the 'Lust, Greed and Anger. Do you want to wait for another Hiroshima via proxy terrorism than take no action and wait with your head buried in the Sand. One chilling fact is that the Strategic Nuke that the Pakistani Army has developed is more powerful than the Hiroshima strike. And we are all waiting for the Christ reincarnation. Do you think he would want to risk his life to enter this kind of Mad world? Regards and God Bless
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