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CP's comment on "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him" - Existentialism in pursuit of love-lost

Not true. "Them" is an unnecessary film and a poorly conceived idea when producers got cold feet about the "Him" and "Her" concept. "Them" is a terrible, confusing and uninteresting film that never should have seen the light of day. "Him" and "Her," viewed in tandem as originally conceived, is an interesting story and an insightful reflection on coping and memory. Producers shot themselves in the foot when they made the awful decision to merge the stories into one incoherent film.
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Thank you for commenting on the review. I somewhat do agree with your opinion about "Them". If you wish to browse through my review on the same, you'd find that as a viewer I felt slightly lost and inconclusive about the film, which later proved to be a compilation version of "Him" and "Her"; the reason that it seemed a little complicated to figure out because the plot was thought out to be as the individual stories of the protagonists - who are the anchor for this film-trilogy. Nevertheless, if we go through the other two versions we could reason out that "Him" put-up doubts and asked questions, whereas, "Her" answered them, in a way. Thus, telling the tale of "two-sides of the story".
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