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Ramaj's comment on Come and settle in Pakistan: Terrorist Hafiz Saeed invites Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan

People with some values and faith in Hindus have only come to our stayed. Those who stayed back in Pakisthan, Karachi, Baluchistan are waiting for the first opportunity to reach India. Indian PM should invite all those desire to come and settle them Kashmir. They will at least this Malik, Gilani and company and solve the Kashmir problem. From here only a few intellectuals and who rejoice pakistani food may go, but even Mani, Diggy, Arundati would like to visit only. This is the only play on earth u can abuse the majority, ill treat them and do whatever u want including urinating on the idols of God. Many now realise that with the situation emerging in the gulf and killing in several countries, Marxists will have to find their new mentors .
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