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viren aik's comment on How to tackle new challenges world is facing

There are three countries which are clearly proliferating on terrorism. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar/Kuwait combine. They are providing resources to these outfits. The world is fighting the wrong battle in Iraq and Syria isolating the Shias as terrorists too and bringing in the war on multi fronts. We now need to fight one at a time and leave Shias out of this Israel propaganda or not. Just think how can Hamas get help from Shias when Sunnis who are the majority in Palestine are fighting against Shias in Syria. The battle for survival of Israel is not on the Ground it is in the Air from where the terror has to be watched. I have been warning that the proxy war will soon be on the Europe's doorsteps and look it has arrived. I did warn as well about the show off at Charlie Hebdo incident by these so called World Leaders. Where is the solidarity now amongst the faiths? I have a feeling that ISIL will leave Israel to the last and these mini nukes are really worrying me because the routes from the African Equator countries are wide open there is no mechanism to stop any deliveries coming through their borders. The bomb on the soviet plane is a timely reminder how close they are. Did Israel detect the bomb on the plane? No we are lucky that it did not land on Tel Aviv. Next time don't bank on the pay load and the accuracy. These guys are highly trained at bases outside of the Middle East and only one country has the capacity to do that where the Army openly colludes with the terrorists... I have opened up today because we need to wake up now world otherwise there will be no turning back from what happened yesterday in Paris. The terror war is coming home folks wherever you are in the western or eastern affluent world. Barack I think you better resign now if you cannot make a move on these mini nuke syndrome. I am not paranoid about this at all because this is the beginning how it is going to develop in to the usage of the dreaded WMD. Hopefully not very soon. Regards and God bless Viren Naik
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