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Narindera B Mathur 's comment on From Emperor Ashoka to Tipu Sultan, history repeated itself

The difference between Ashoka and Tipu is that Ashoka was from India fought himself, he was kind to the people of his kingdom and wanted a united country while Tipu Sultan was not of Indian origin who was fighting with the help of outsiders to keep India under Muslim rulers. He was merciless with Hindus and not a kind type. This is my understanding.
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I concur with Mr Naqvi on Haidar's origin. Heard from a very elderly advocate gentleman (90+) from Coimbatore, a couple of days ago: Haidar Ali used to go Ranganatha Swami temple, kneel down and do namaz before launching a war. When asked why he was doing namaz before a Hindu God, Haidar told, "Majority of my soldiers are Hindus. This namaz will boost their morale." When Tipu was marching towards Guruvayur in Kerala, the temple priests were terrified. They took all the jwellery and other precious gems away and concealed. Tipu was informed about this. At Guruvayur, he called the priests and asked why they did this. A few of them told him reluctantly that they were afraid he might take away the god's ornaments. He assured them that he would not touch those jewels. He also donated lands in a dozen plus villages to the temple. His killing of Hindus and Christians in Kerala and destruction of properties including religious places were not denied by this gentleman.Tipu's summer palace and the Ranganatha Swamy temple in Srirangapatna near Mysuru are excellent places to visit.
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Haider Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan was an ordinary citizen of India and he had risen from ranks. Please brush up your information resources....Anyway, thanks for reading the article.
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