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Biranchi Narayan Acharya's comment on From Emperor Ashoka to Tipu Sultan, history repeated itself

From Ashok to Tipu Sultan all are monarchs & have positive & negative sides. Democracies need not glorify them officially. Regarding Ashok I feel you have followed film 'Ashoka' to narrate about him. Kalinga (one of four Oriya speaking region, others are Kosal, Utkal & Udra) which has border at Bhubaneswar extended up to Rajmahendry was in fact an ancient democracy not ruled by any King. It's a tribal dominated area & very brave community. The Kaling war battlefield is Dhauligiri that falls in the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation limit.
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Was/is Ashoka not glorified by the democratic Indian state officially?
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Thanks for your comment Acharya Ji. Sorry, I'm neither a fan of Shahrukh Khan nor I'd seen 'Ashoka.' I've inherited a reasonably large library.
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While glorifying Ashok many things about Kalinga is ommitted. Many think that Kalinga & Utkal is same. Karuwaki is a fictional character. In fact King of Utkal was also fighting along with Ashok against Kaling.
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