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Sankara Narayanan's comment on Bihar's new health minister Tej Pratap Yadav is a school dropout

I too detest the undue elevation of this junior Yadav. But have you conducted any such research to find out how many school dropouts found a place in Modi's Cabinet? Please also keep it in mind that some of the mind boggling scams flourished after we switched over to free market economy. The scamsters are by and large highly qualified persons. The apex court has recently stayed the Rajasthan govt's law prescribing minimum educational qualification to contest panchayat polls. About 60 cr people are illiterates in India. How can you deny the rights to hold office to such a large number of people?
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Put one RTI question. You will get a reply after ten years from this opaque sarkar. Education minister's qualification itself is under examination. The question raised on Modi's qualification is blocked blindly by the university. Why no such question (school dropouts) was raised against ministers in the states of MP, CG, Rajasthan, Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Modi's Cabinet? That is my question. I never said there are or not.
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Please, let me have the list of drop out ministers like Yadav..brothers in mr .Modi's Govt- ministry if you have ready list, because I want to know about it so far.
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Sir people like you are so blinded by the hate of Modi that you have almost forgotten the difference between right and wrong. This article does not even at one place mention MODI/RSS/BJP. It is sad to note that educated people like you are so narrow minded in your approach. This article was meant for educated people to read between the lines. But you miserably failed at. You yourself hardly write something original, but chose to send works of other writers which Merinews will never publish. Change yourself before pointing fingers as people like you prefer Lalu's jungle raj in the name of intolerance and pseudo-secularism. The hard fact is that people like you are responsible for the state this country is in.
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If this is the level of the True Indian, I would like to be an Untrue Indian. The article deals about a school dropout minister. My question is about school dropouts in Modi cabinet. Why didn't you answer that question? India survives in spite of pseudo Indians like you. Modi Toadis are too blinded by their unquestioned bhakti to utter irrelevant remarks. Merinews publishing my articles or not has nothing to do with the topic under discussion. Pl change yourself instead of being perpetually in darkness.
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