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Krishna's comment on Dear Aamir Khan, India has actually become incredibly intolerant!

Aamir Khan is generally cautious in making his comments and is rarely caught on the wrong foot. The whole fallout of his utterances is rather strange. Snapdeal is a business house and public perception and support are a sine qua non for their success. One can therefore understand them dropping him. But he getting the marching orders from 'the Incredible India' role is more intriguing. It is justifiable because someone who basically thinks India is intolerant, cannot convincingly project a positive image of the country. All the same, by sacking him, aren't we giving further credence to the claim that we, as a country are intolerant of free speech? The other twist in the tale is, the apprehension that she is scared for her children's safety, has been expressed by Aamir's spouse, who is a Hindu!!! I think the whole controversy could have been avoided if : one, Aamir had not made public, a conversation he had with his wife. Two, if we, as a people had not reacted so vociferously to a comment made by somebody. More and more the twitterati and other social media are acting as divisive influences thus nixing the popular belief that they are actually " social networking sites".
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"Comment made by somebody" Do u think he is somebody ?? Hats off to Krishna for ur greatttttttkknowledge.....u don't even know he was the face of Incredible India the day he made the comment. Pls don't try to be fool us by ur so liberal views.
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Intollerance is a two way street. Not a one way street like you so called liberal intellectuals would like everyone to believe.
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