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Hooda Patel's comment on Dear Aamir Khan, India has actually become incredibly intolerant!

because Amir Khan is the citizen of the country & the constitution has given him the right to speech.So think! he knew if he make such statement his movies would become commercial disaster and people pretending to be patriots could boycott him, knowing this he made the statement, this means he is true, you people should keep your ego aside and go through what is happening in India under the current governmnet. you can see at the dadri lynching where the brother of a brave (the true patriot Indian officer) was killed by the sangh & associates just for consuming beef(though later is was revealed it was mutton). anyhow Muslim are hurt by alcohol and pork, is it banned yet, did Muslim took laws in their hands? anyhow the law prohibiting beef is baseless! because the govt more on development then on religion . I can never understand why the soldier's brother was killed. are eat whatever you want but yaar don't force or decide what others are going to eat. areeeee ek life he yaar mil jhul kar enjoy karo aur sukoon Ki maut maro! kiw khoon kharaba! kya musalman ka khoon khoon nahi hai? musalmano ke sath aise Hi hotha rahega? I agree he shouldn't have said he want to leave India. but I agree India is ofcourse intolernet.
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Your 70% of statement takes Dadri as a clue to brand India as intolerant and Muslims are simply innocents. What about recent case f Malda and Purnia outrage where approx 50 thousand Muslims came out on the street and burned and attacked anyone came on their way including BSF and Police. What about outrage against movie Viswaroopam, Muslims show real tolerance on burning Indian flag and showing support for ISIS. What about those tolerants who go on rampage throught the world to protest cartoon of Muhammad. You say let people free to kill cow and eat it. So similar freedom should be given to eat Pork, and human too. After all Bakrid is for sacrificing own child. But cleverly you don't do it but punish poor goats and camels. Is this not intolerance. Every citizen of this county first learnt become Namak Halal and not Namak Haram. Jees thali mein khaate ho usi mein chhed karte ho.
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