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Shadab akhtar's comment on Dear Aamir Khan, India has actually become incredibly intolerant!

From your opinion your are trur bhakts, aamir khan never said India is intolerant, hr was qouted that his wife wish to settle abroad due non responsiveness of minister, mp, mla and other govt. officials, peole like sadhvi, adityanath, shakshi, all these are mp and giving statement of ' our way or take highway to pakistan' is this tolerant statements, muslims are third grade citizen, is that defined in cinstitution that whi should go to pakistan , a political party and some of its sister concern were fighting for beef anf started killing for same is that tolereant, any one ever in India killed for eating pork, no..why then beef is a hot topic for India development, why returning awards returning is a symbol of patriotism, it a freedom of choice, Aamir khan has discussed 10-12 points related to other developmental and concerned areas in that particular fourm and I think you too got tight slapped by that too as development can be.discussed. only by your touring God, have you wver seen that 15min of discussion ever, yout whole opinion is politicaly motivated, snapdeal have a 4.1 star rating, have video of aamir khan prominently, 5 star rating is 4.91 lakh and 1 and 2 star ratin together 1.08 lakh doing good business, sha rukh khan flim is 15th biggest grosser, this things are no takers please be neutral and see that particular interview again as whole and dont becime hatemongers, flops and hits are diffrent things , if that is the case then as soon salman khan meet your God, then why his film kick floped, is he done something wrong, answer this bhakt
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Here u r lying to say that aamir never said INDIA is Intolerant,he was very clear in his statement. This is ridiculous being a public face u give such statements and try to make urself representatives of a religious community. Muslims are given much more benefits in INDIA then any other nation. And we all are aware of situations of non muslims living in any of muslim nation. And after all any one wants to leave INDIA nor the govt. neither the people of INDIA have stoped them.
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What Amir said is known to everybody. That coward used his wife to serve Congress. I have transcripts of his entire interview. It was clear that he was telling about intolerance to please his political master. Don't see your religion everywhere, have courage to call a spade a spade.
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A sadhvi or a politician cannot change the way a society thinks, especially the ones who were brought up in a Hindu society. So the entire argument about religious intolerance is purely politically motivated. You can see how this has died down after Bihar election. The real intolerance is propagated by the religious groups who teach that other religions or even the sects other than theirs should be shunned. I have educated friends who refuse to eat prasad from temple due to their religious beliefs. This is the form of intolerance that is getting injected into the society slowly. You can see the concerted effort in WB and Assam for demographic repainting for vote gains. The teachings of this kind are many fold dangerous, though it is followed as a religious matter. If you give some thought, this is how the society gets transformed. If you have any doubt see how Pakisthan and the middle east got transformed. You can see that in the entire world if you look around. These religions have done more damage than good if you take the world history till now. I see these religions as a tool now - the first step for faithful following, to brings blind followers in their fold, in the ultimate political goals like caliphates. So if you are really worried about intolerance, be worried about the way Islam is being propagated, i am saying this because unlike Christianity and Islam, Hinduism is not an organised religion and hence there is no mechanism to spread the contorted religious beliefs for political gains. Hinduism has wisely brought in tolerance as a built in mechanism by having multiple gods and accepting the fact that there are multiple ways to achieve salvation. So a Hindu is more tolerant than any in terms of religious beliefs and people should not give their personal opinions in public forums without considering its implications.
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