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Mohit K's comment on Dear Aamir Khan, India has actually become incredibly intolerant!

Very well written. Infact these two khans who is congress supporters spoke about intolerance just before Bihar elections. They played with country's image that too after country gave them everything. They should have thought twice before opening their mouth.
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Amir said wtevr he 4 ur kind info....SRK never said anything bad or he never said that India is intolerant! Jz bcoz of Amir's statment.....all started including SRK too!! n these stupid politicians started using rule of britishers.."DIVIDE N RULE" they wer abt to make situation lik 1970!!! these politisions just wants us to fight wid each other so that they can rule!!! Its all upto us that nt 2 bliv blindly on any1! Speaking on the occasion of his 50th birthday, the actor said that there was nothing worse than religious intolerance and that it would take India to the Dark Ages. He came out in support of the artistes and writers who have returned awards to defend creative freedom, but said he wouldn't do it, rather would choose a different form of protest, like a march or a strike. To twitter abusers who tell him to go to Pakistan, he said, "this is a country where my father fought for freedom and he gave me a piece of it. So I am very proud of it and I am not giving away what my father gave (me) to anyone or leaving any which way. So please shut up." NATIONAL AWARD-WINNING ARTISTS LIKE DIBAKAR BANERJEE ARE RETURNING THEIR GOVERNMENT AWARDS AND HONOURS TO PROTEST IMPEDIMENTS TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. BUT SHAH RUKH SAID: "THE COUNTRY IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY INTOLERANT. RESPECT THOSE WHO RETURNED GOVERNMENT AWARDS, BUT (I) WON'T RETURN MINE" At a time when National Award-winning artistes are returning their government awards and honours to protest what they perceive as restrictions on freedom of speech and expression, superstar Shah Rukh Khan said that he will not be returning his Padma Shri or other honours. The actor, who has delivered blockbusters like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Devdas, received the Padma Shri in 2005. Some members of the BJP really need to control their tongue & stop talking rubbish about Dr. SRK He is a national icon & We r PROUD of him.
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