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Ram Pratap Payasi's comment on Dear Aamir Khan, India has actually become incredibly intolerant!

I loved this man immensely as amongst most actors , he looked to be wisest.Today I hate him more intensely , than I loved as I consider him a traitor and back stabber. The country , which gave him so much love , money and fame has suddenly become intolerant for him and his stupid wife. In fact signals of his true colours started coming , when he signed a petition to refuse visa to Modi. However Modi became ice candy and a darling of masses & class , not only in India , but world over. Then he went on to make satyamev jayte , where he systematically ridiculed Hindu culture and tradition , without venturing in to most ridiculous traditions of Muslims , like keeping 4 marriages , triple talaque and covering Muslim lady from toe to head. Then he acted in PK which derided Hinduism and and Indian culture and he had no qualms.Again Islam remained untouched , which is one of the most brutal religion. He kept quiet for all these years , when Muslims exploded bombs , carried out blasts and even 2008 Mumbai attack. This selective amnesia is dangerous. In fact I find it dangerous to live with people like him.
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this bastard was bastard only but real color was seen by this statment.for property he fought with father,made his his real brother insane,married hindu woman n divorced n had illegimate relation lagan side heroine whom he didnot adopt. this is his real life story.while in reel life he himself as a freedom fighter,honest police officer n serial like satyamev jayate n ambassador to incredible india such double std person may be put behind the bars to teach a lesson. rascal \\
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