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Dileep V. Sathe's comment on LIGO team discovers gravitational waves and proves Einstein right

S-T Fabric: Is it sensible? The ecstasy among scientists on the discovery of gravitational waves is obvious. Although Albert Einstein, the Guru of all present physicists, predicted the gravitational waves 100 years ago some physicists are against the existence of such waves. For example, 15-year old conflict (and a bet also) between Stephen Hawking and Neil Turok, on the out-come of BICEP2 experiment. Let me pose a question, which can come from a common man after a popular lecture. We can see the fabric, even the massive ball is not there – as shown usually in the picture. Then, can we see the fabric without ripples of gravitational waves. This question is very likely to be posed by a common-man because human-beings do not have sensory organs to sense time and space. That is why we have to rely on instruments or astronomical phenomena for counting time. We do not have an orgar for sensing space. It should be noted that we can find out the volume of a body – that is part of space occupied by the body BUT we cannot sense space. Therefore now physicists have to launch a search for the space-time fabric without gravity’s ripples. This is similar to looking for luminiferous aether, required by Huygen’s wave theory of light.
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